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These people beat the roulette table

Roulette will always remain one of the most popular online casino games around. It is a game that is all about pure luck, especially when you play online you have no influence on the outcome. If you play in a real casino you would also think that as a player you cannot have any influence or knowledge of where the ball is going to end up. However, history has shown that there have been exceptions of people who have outsmarted the casino.

What is the iGB Live event?

Joseph Jagger managed to win a huge amount of money playing roulette at a casino in Monte Carlo in the 1970s. The Englishman reportedly managed to win converted $300,000 to $400,000 dollars. If you translate that amount to present day, it comes to roughly $10 million. Joseph Jagger didn't just win this at the Beaux-Arts casino, he did it in a sneaky way. Namely, the player bribed 6 dealers of the roulette table, these croupiers had to write down which numbers fell, they then did this for several weeks in a row. This allowed Jagger to analyze the numbers so he could recognize a pattern. At one roulette table, certain numbers fell a lot more often. This could be due to, for example, minor damage to the dropped numbers that would affect where the ball would land.

The management of the bitcoin casino software was not pleased with the results Jagger was able to achieve at their roulette table. They did everything they could to prevent the player from winning more money. For example, they changed the roulette wheels on the tables. However, Joseph soon managed to find his familiar roulette wheel on another table. Eventually the casino managed to solve the problem, Jagger lost another portion of his winnings as a result. However, he managed to quit in time and was then able to retire from his acquired fortune.

Dr. Richard Jarecki

Almost 100 years after Joseph Jagger, Dr. Jarecki created a furor at the roulette tables in Monaco, France and Germany. Jarecki was a medical scientist obsessed with the game called roulette. In fact, he was convinced that the house could be beaten, and along with his wife devised a plan to make it happen. Like Joseph Jagger, Jarecki scoured the roulette tables looking for damages or flaws in the roulette table that could affect the outcome of the ball.

Jarecki and his partner then hired an entire team of eight people to go around different casinos looking for roulette tables that had a small defect that caused a particular pattern in the outcome. However, Jarecki did not have enough money to try to beat the casino with his observations made. Because of this he took out a loan, this gave him capital to try to beat the casino. This he succeeded in doing, he managed to win as much as a million dollars, which anno 2022 would be worth about $9 million. Jarecki was known in those years as a danger to casinos who could tell almost with the naked eye if something was wrong with a roulette table. Casinos did everything they could to keep Jarecki out.

Helmuth Berlin

Helmuth Berlin was inspired by Joseph Jagger and, after fleeing from Germany to Argentina, decided to try the same thing at a casino in Mar del Plata. Through a secret camera, the man managed to take pictures of the roullete wheel in the casino, looking for bumps in the wheel. Like Jarecki, he gathered a team to watch the tables for hours. In the end, he and a team of 20 managed to win over $420,000. Which translated to today is more than $4 million. He did this by betting with his team specifically on 5 specific numbers.

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